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For Emergency Jets, exceptional service begins with the first phone call.  Our team of specialized Flight Coordinators are on hand 24 hours a day to make sure your specific medical jet transport needs are met.  Your Flight Coordinator will explain every detail, answer any questions you may have and be dedicated to making sure all necessities are taken care of.

If your flight requires a Paramedic, Nurse or both, our Coordinators will arrange the highest certified and qualified individuals to be on board and our team will be there every step of the way.  The care, compassion and professionalism of each of our team members is unsurpassed.  Throughout this process you will experience the difference in the personal touch that Emergency Jets offers.

Please see the options below for which flight will serve you best.

Medical Staff – We have experienced medical staff including nurses, paramedics, and specialized doctors that are able to accompany, if needed, patients.

Crew Members – Our crew/flight members are all certified/licensed professionals. They are versed in specialty flights such as medical transportation.
Coordinators – On Call 24 hours a day our Flight Coordinators are able to handle all aspects of your air and ground transportation to make sure you have the best care possible.

Please see the options below for which flight will serve you best.

Emergency Jets has access to medically configured jets that are equipped with medication supports, life support equipment, and stretchers, that if needed our medical flight crew will have all necessary tools on hand to transport patients safely and quickly. Each patients needs are different and we have optimal solutions for all of your needs.

Traveling by commercial airlines when critically injured or ill is often times more traumatic and dangerous.  Private emergency air transport is most times a more optimal solution as it allows the patient to be comfortable and have the necessary tools, equipment and specialists on hand at all times.

When an unfortunate situation arises and you need a private air ambulance, whether you are traveling internationally or domestically Emergency Jets is there.  We are able to transport throughout the United States as well as Internationally. If traveling, patients will be able to safely return home for their medical care.  Our medical evacuation team is able to acquire all necessary documents and permits to be able to get international travelers, military personnel, celebrities, veterans and anyone in between home safely and discreetly.

Your Transport Our Promise

Emergency Jets prides itself on quick reliable service. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to transport patients in need of most any medical condition regardless of age. We can accommodate your request and be wheels up within 2 hours.

Toll Free: 888-538-7603

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